New This Week - 3/16/18

New music this week on Alt Buffalo!

March 16, 2018

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New For The Week Of 3/16/18:

Joywave- "Doubt":  Our Rochester homeboys are back with their third single off of Content. Ever worry about if you're measuring up to everyone else's expectations and forget about your own? Check out the music video for Doubt here::

Imagine Dragons "Next To Me": band frontman Dan Reynolds wrote this relatable love song for his wife Aja about the ups and downs of marriage. Some days it feels like you can be headed into failure and other days are total bliss. Check out the love ballad here:

Yungblood "I Love You, Will You Marry Me": Get ready to discover your new favorite emerging artist, Yungblud, who's song lyrics are nitty gritty and thought provoking with rock inspiration from the likes of Arctic Monkeys and hip-hop influences from Eminem and Post Malone. We'd like to recommend checking out his whole EP, but you can start with the newest Alt Playlist edition here: