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Nik Rivers - Buffalo Chiro What now?

February 15, 2017

Ok, so usually people take the New Year as a time to look at themselves and say "Now it's time to lose some weight".  Me, I am a bit of a procrastinator, so it took until February for that to happen.  But this time, i wanted to take a different approach. I've tried numerous things in the past, but with no real results.

So, this time I hooked up with Dr. Shawn and the staff at Haseley Family Chiropractic and got started on Buffalo Chirothin.  It's a doctor supervised weight loss program, where they tell me that you can loose between 20-45lbs in just six weeks.  I know, it sounds to good to be true right?  But let me tell you, I am 7 days in and 10lbs down!  the results so far have been amazing....and never have I had more vegetables in my house at one time in my life! lol

Keep checking back here to see my results. And if you want to find out more, head to or call Dr. Shawn and his team at Haseley Family Chiropractic at 716-402-7010 and tell them that Nik Rivers sent ya!