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M-F 2p - 6p

Greetings #AltFamily. My name is Nik Rivers. You can catch me Monday – Friday here on Alt Buffalo from 12n-6p. I am a Lover of Fine Music, Fine Wines, all things Las Vegas, and fine #Hashtags.

Here for no apparent reason, is a list of 5 words that I enjoy:

* Dumptruck – You know what it is, I just find it funny

* Gravitas - Dignity, seriousness… And Jack Bauer likes it

* Doohickey - A small object or gadget, especially one whose name the speaker does not know or cannot recall

* Jarts – Those old school lawn darts with the metal tips. Why they were outlawed…Who knows??? But funny to say….Yes!!!

* Gobemouche - A highly gullible person.

* Smellfungus - A perpetual pessimist.

I attempt to golf and play guitar, and in my mind am a Karaoke Star. I quote John Lennon "I don't believe in Beatles. I just believe in me."

Find me on the Twitter Machine & The Instagrams - @TheNikRivers


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