Imagine Dragons | Brandi | Pt.1

Thursday, February 16th


Dan Reynolds talks about inspiration for Imagine Dragons new single "Believer" and discusses how their non-stop touring led the band to a much needed hiatus.

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You're joining a trade now on old buffalo with Dan Reynolds from a NASA dragons type doing Dan. We are loving your new song here in buffalo believer for me I think it's just become this like powerful and but it's kind of blowing up everywhere I mean it was in the Super Bowl ad for Nintendo out you know what was the whole creative process for this song. Yeah I mean you know the flats in particular is gonna really help here it's just in my life speaking physically and mentally on spoke Mears was a really dark. Record and and darker times there is still a lot of gotten sick of depression and and dealing with some different things. And and I just been diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases so it is a catalog does is kind of going through and now that last year despite all the work of really great place. But I I think it's just that a lot on how much I've grown through the whole process and how grateful you know yen further hurt the struggle can let our let's see a lot of groups are so. Believers on kind of finding belief in yourself and finding you know Greg. Gratitude for there for pain you know it couldn't pick it built up. You know he talked about kind of the place she ran in you guys met Jerry and so busy over the past like six years nonstop touring. I can't imagine. How crazy that must be as a band is go go go. Yeah. You know it's is it totally it's crazy. Or so so that sent home. But without being said it's also depressed you know it's it's something a drug does doesn't locate the truce deal travel on the road. And play music and so you know I can't really complain they you he definitely lose percent to itself in some regards. If you'd find it. Amongst different cultures different peoples and so huge you can grow as a person a mother. Well and adults eighteen I had such a man loved him as a drag ends on but when I saw you live in eighteen year through buffalo for the smoke in your store I just had to greater appreciation for what you guys do out there live every night and it takes a lot not a deal. Yeah you know it's it's it's great because they are really in the pretty introverted person and just my daily life in these kind of you know I live a pretty private life when I go on the road like on stage it really is time and I feel like my experience really comes a lot. Actually all the most lives maybe ever in our post from you know. Special moments like my family and kids the band they're really I don't know. There's something magical stage you know and I think match dragon that's where we're born to be was just about stage together these acrylic. And it's like you guys to bit of hiatus I am sure you totally needed that what a bad break for you as a bandit may be for you individually. A man who has the best they can put unnecessary. I don't think I realized how much needed it until we did you know we paid twice for oh. Seven years straight and I you know it is the memory that I think that most disputed toward seven years straight we Wear and overseas. The fighters to committed. Dave Arnold mr. insiders accused comedy been looking at our column course schedule over the last few years how we want strict marker record. Did you buy it now is Richard trying to much and it's gonna burn you out and you're just gonna lose option. Said you know take time to live life and to reinvigorate action at army you know I told the band like you know we keep keep doing this or to take. The car Arctic tern re establish who we are and figure out who we are again and remember you know what fired up in the first place to do you did that and I thinks it. I think the that this upcoming record of the atom very close and I needed that terrible way to find out LT spot they're recreate the music and all it all right.