Imagine Dragons | Brandi | Pt.2

Thursday, February 16th


Imagine Dragons lead singer, Dan Reynolds, shares how he stays grounded and his record label, Night Street Records which signed K. Flay.

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If you're just joining us now we are talking that Dan Reynolds from them hasn't dragons sic your hometown of Las Vegas I think it. And many ways maiden as dragons who you guys are you know Heidi stay grounded. Yeah scrambling for sure. I'm fairly friendly grew up with arm very. Like. Loyal Stewart yeah and really loyal my whole body size the same friends and it hasn't. You know middle school school. That beat those two things really keep. Remind me that you know what it's about I got I got a girl. In the first week of April keep you humble like waking 2 in the morning. You know. Screaming babies. Get down to it yet take it to your fate to a water. You'll have discovered a new passion. Discovering new artists and I know that that's really ban a dream of years says it kind of work with new artists and now you have nights she records at what kind of a dream come true is that and for you. Elements in the back are you ought to start a record label but I didn't do it but they are artists but I was really really. Just do it do it out. I really. I search year that are in the correct artist. Like really get our it would do it could do it. A person does a hundred setters they're. There and I found you know I've been in cape psychologically got worked up chrome like underground following three years and she's just the past I've met. Here are incredible. Deep and have substance and value and she used the character and human beings have a lot to say it's not just the music the whole package to. It's important to human being you know what they have got for the world that want to Oprah do orbiter are. This beach deserved. Think she's proving. We're loving your iron about fleiss'. Very feisty infection be here in March so we're excited for that show. All that yes but some incredible shot a record comes out to turn couple months and it's. All men on the record so. Very cool up next Lee Bakley Dan Reynolds and as Jay and talking about very new album.