Imagine Dragons | Brandi | Pt.3

Thursday, February 16th


Dan Reynolds talks about Imagine Dragons upcoming third album and looking forward to a new tour! He says Imagine Dragons will defintely be back to Buffalo...let's just say it's because of our food!

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We're back now to Dan Reynolds of imagine dragons you'd have us all very excited you know releasing believer and hopefully I ego has been in the studio working on an upcoming third album what can you tell me about the new album. Yeah believers the first signal for the record so that and it is indicative of what's to come a lot of ways I think this record. Are releasing a dart workflow believe that the best but it means describe direct reduction the artwork it's kind of a picture of the man. And without basis and yet a scanner who it and you're writing like this brilliant Ike. I like color like a rainbow from sky in a dark. Very dark bat needs indicative of record. Like it's its partners such dark record for a mean period perspectives so this record for me feel like coming out of that dark place. Right places GD color and there's a lot of emotions that record by. Our. Like color. It's about two X to garden from a really immigrant with a tail on the finishing it up here. I think I've hopefully people feel a little credit card. Would you say that you were inspired with that break that you guys had as a band I mean without that hiatus and sometimes. Trying to recoup. Maybe the album would have been different. Yeah now a lot of even a lot of lines it's the words police are. You know like like guys choking crap like that. Security. Good students despite all the noise I need some time away to step back and reevaluate myself. Together things that matter what I wanna say is an artist and what I wanna do you know I've been given this incredible opportunity to voice. And incompetence schoolyard hours. Together furthers our third record probable we've done and accomplished all of the. You have an album title yet for that and you record are not being released that yet we do have a title. It. Under wraps and now are you excited you know I don't get back out on Turin and promote this new album once it gets all finished out. I or are most excited are right in the article. Yeah first cars to right. Yeah my two little girls fraternal but in the development and I'll be rebuilt or broke out. What's that gonna be like to only a week from now and then out on the road like in with that kind of timing it. Our it'll be part that we we territory for him I'd bring him on productivity all of the all of America that so. In the box just a bit the last hours and we just you know local broker. I love that she has that culture or should not afraid to meet new people trying to England and I test that's the root. We really hope that you may be will consider coming back to buffalo because when you were here you guys just really brought an amazing shelf and we would all love to see again. O'Toole fresher but slow it is amazing a couple of roughly one record and the bad term but culture that people. The food. Leah this does number line. But beyond we don't try to hide that at all. That doubt that that is an well we're so much looking forward to new album and geeky so much for taking the timeout to talk with us today Dan. Read on yeah they keep making a strong supporter of the appreciate it take care. Here's a match dragons a latest single believe are union music Discovery Channel buffalo.