Studio Session | Surrender Reality | Let's Make a Memory

Sunday, January 10th


Localized Acoustic Session – Surrender Reality "Let's Make a Memory" live from the Alt Buffalo Studios. Localized airs Sundays from 8-9pm on Alternative Buffalo 107.7

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This. It's. Time and time. It's an. Only song. I am sand will bring. Alison this. And V. He has. And I. And times to. Yes. Angel and then. Oh listen. And the and you can. Alan smoother. And fans. And then. As long as soon as. And boom and see if they. And man wearing the name they give them yeah. And it. Omega man wearing the name they get them there. Yeah. Zain. And then Larry and me and remembering the names and new nanos and playing. Yeah and yeah. They. Kept me. Yeah and it's all of they. Will thing. Nonsense.