Weekend Shows

Chelsea O

I was born and raised in Buffalo. Lover of alternative music (what a shock) but also the local music scene-- there is so much talent in these parts its unbelievable! I also love family, friends, margaritas and peanut butter. But not margaritas and peanut butter together. Peanut butter and chocolate... Read More


Hailing from the far away land of Rochester, the only thing you need to know about me is the 4 B's: Beer, Bacon, Bills and Banjo Solos. Show me some funk or jam band music and hand me a beer and it will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Follow me on the social medias and tell me about new... Read More


About me, I was born & raised in B-lo. I love the change of seasons, but wish winter wasn't so long! I would wear flip flops during the winter months if I could guarantee I wouldn't get frostbite. When I talk, it's really loud and animated. People have told me I sound like Leslie Mann (... Read More


Beard, whiskey, and sarcasm sum up Zaque. The old soul of Alt Buffalo, Zaque is really a 75 year old curmudgeon in disguise. He leads the Alt Buffalo street team and makes fun of himself for your amusement. He’s the behind the scenes guy at all of our concerts & events, always out around... Read More