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Purveyor of fine music, fine foods, and cheap beer. On a normal day, you can find me enjoying the local speakeasy's in our fair city. fan of the Bills, Sabres, and vicious banjo solos. Your host of the lighter side of Alt Buffalo, Sunday Morning Comin' Down every Sunday 8am-noon. Read More


Usually seen out at a pop-punk show, Lexi, our newest member of the #AltFamily, has a soft spot for local music and Oliver her French Bulldog. As a Fredonia graduate and Buffalo native, her goal it so be a voice for the local music scene and to showcase small-town artists and provide them with a... Read More


I'm a proud South Buffalonian & have a very weird obsession with wedding cake! John Hughes and Brat Pack movies are gospel to me (I can't even count how many times I have watched them). Flying and carwashes scare me, yet I like to travel and I hate dirt! My hair has been blonde, red, brown,... Read More